Mining the BNB oilfield project is a decentrilized app on Binance smart chain. smart-contract has been audited by a third party auditor and it's verifed on bscscan. contract enables the use of BNB for use in yield investment industry. The sustainability of project will ultimately bring crypto users, miners, investors under single platform to stake, refer and earn Crude income with unlimited opportunities making use of decentralization becomes a perfect yield platform which operates every second!

Crude income is referred to income generated in real time over your referral dividends. E.g. User A refers user B, User B invested 10 BNB in Mining No. 4 Oilfield receiving 4.5% daily so user A would be entitled to receive 10% of 0.45 BNB i.e. 0.045 BNB daily. user gets opportunity to earn Crude income from its downline upto 10 Level paid every second 24X7 and are instantly available for withdrawals without any restrictions.